AVI-8 Watches has only been around for a few years now but has managed to create a very successful line of affordable and unique looking aviation inspired timepieces. They are crafting timepieces that pay tribute to historical British aviation themes but with their own modern twist.

The AVI-8 Hawker Harrier II Model Reference #AV-4047-03 Pegasus Concept Automatic. With a multi layered, hand finished dial.

The Hawker Harrier II model pays tribute to the 1960’s Harrier “jump jet” series aircraft used by the British Royal Air Force for stealth and reconnaissance missions because of its unique vertical takeoff and landing capability.

The stealthy black ion coated stainless steel case and gun metal style dial with Harrier aircraft cutout motif in the centre help to solidify a very instrumental and technical theme.

Here are some quick specs of the watch:


MODEL : AV-4047-03

MOVEMENT : Heavily Modified Japanese (Miyota) Automatic 3 Hands

CASE MATERIAL : Stainless Steel




CASE COLOR : Ionic Plating – Black

DIAL COLOR : Gun Metal (Multi Layered And Hand Finished).

BAND : Genuine Leather Strap

BAND COLOR : Dark Green

BUCKLE : Strap Buckle

BAND WIDTH (mm) : 22


WATCH WEIGHT (g) : 120

This particular model uses a heavily modified 21 jewel japanese Miyota automatic movement and utilizes three rotating discs to tell the time. The outermost portion of the dial is the Hours indication, the centre disc is the running seconds, and the minutes are displayed just below the middle portion of the dial with orange markers accenting each corresponding indication. Reading the time this way will take some getting used to as this is not the conventional analog display that most people are accustomed to reading. Setting the time is actually quite simple as you only have to pull the crown out once (there is only one position) and start turning the crown until you line up the orange markers for the hours and minutes indications as the discs move.

A view of the see-through exhibition caseback with custom black AVI-8 rotor.

Final thoughts: If you like pilot watches and aviation themed timepieces but with a slightly edgy, non typical look this is a great option. The hand finished, multi layered, textured dial has alot of depth and personality that you will not normally find at this price point.

The retail price of this watch is $488.89 USD at the time of publishing this article. More information about this timepiece and a complete overview of the AVI-8 collection can be found at: https://avi-8.co.uk/collections/all And also on Instagram @avi_8

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